Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bugeater Display board update...

Great progress today on my display board. I will definitely be taking it down and using it.

WIP shot.

So at this point, I have primed it black, and sprayed the textured paint on the spots I wanted to look like concrete.

 I then applied a coat of brown craft paint to the "dirt" and mixed up some gray paint with black and white. I painted the barricade and ruined walls the gray. I then added more white to my mix and dry brushed the walls.

Next I used Elmer's glue and static grass to add some green color to the board. My bases on my army are this gray, brown, and green look. Some lichen added to the corners and paint up the barrels red and its almost done.

Almost done!

All that is left is to wash and highlight the barrels, and maybe tone down the brown highlight. I also want to get army shots before I go down too.

Well that's my board. I think I still can do better, but this is an improvement on the last one I did. I do plan on adding some bits after the GT. I have some tires and barbed wire, plus alot of jerry cans. There is just not enough time before I head out tomorrow .

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