Friday, June 17, 2011

Hobby Progress Thursday... Crimson Fists

Here is a update on my Fists and what I have gotten done this week....

Last week finished off pretty good with me getting my 3 Honor Guard all painted. I also got their razorback assembled. primed, and base painted. I wanted to get them to that stage so I could field then vs Lloyd.

Tuesday I got the Honor Guard's razorback prewash highlighted, and I got it washed. Tonight I had a couple hours to paint and I got the first stage detail colors on and black washed them. All that is left to do now on it is go back and highlight red's, green's on the lenses, some gold and silver where the black was too strong and some brown highlights on the rope thingy on top. I also have to go through and due the whites.

After this tank, I'm on to the display board. I also started looking at a 2500 list for ard boys. I may add one character and one unit is all. My landraider crusader is done already. So here is some shots of my razorback WIP and my finished Honor Guard that will ride in it......


  1. Thanks. They look better in person as my lighting washes out all my highlights.