Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My keys to a good store.

I recently wrote a reply to a gentleman looking for what people liked and did not like about their FLGS. I was pretty happy at my response and thought I would throw it up heree also. These points could be used for any retailer and not just game stores. So here is my response as it apeared on House of Paincakes.

My #1 has to be the Employees. They need to be friendly, greet you when you come in, but not pushy. I like to be aproached and asked about my stuff and talk shop. I do not like being asked if I want to buy this or that. If I have a question, I will find an employee and ask about it. Employees must be available to answer questions. I hate when I have a question, and no one is there to answer it because it's smoke break time or something.

#2 has to be a clean store. Bathrooms, shelves, tables, it all has to be decent. Notice I did not say perfect, just nice. Take care of your store and stuff, it shows you care.

#3 stock the main items always. You should always have core items. I should be able to walk in, and get a tactical space marine squad in any retailer. I understand if you have to order something like the green knight.

The biggest thing is you are in customer service. I learned alot working for a great grocery store (Hy-Vee). They stressed customer service and even had days of training on it. The best thing to teach your employees is to LISTEN. Listen to your customer. You don't have to always agree with them ,or do what they want you to do, but just listening is usually enough for them. Having your voice heard is huge. Most companies don't.

Learn your customer's names. Get to know them. People will shop and pay more if they feel they are special. This can be as simple as sayin " Hi Jim, how's your marines coming." Of coarse his name better be Jim and hopefully he plays marines or it will not work. It also makes your day happier and more enjoyable.

It really comes down to one thing. CARE. Care about your customers, your store, and your image. Nothing bugs me more than a store that doesn't care.


Well that's my 2 cents on customer service and running a store. Pretty simple really, simply care.

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  1. I know what you mean. So many times when I have visited game stores(in particular)once in a while you get the owner or employee who seems like they could care less if you buy from them. I imagine in there opinion there are plenty of people to take your place if you decide to shop elseware. Being a manager was great and I always stress great customer service and going the extra mile for people. One quote that stuck with me all these years later was, "if a customer has a bad experience they will tell 100 people, but if they had a good experience they will tell 10". So, I strive to put people that buy from my little space first, because I want to show people that we may not be the biggest game store but we CARE.